Should Gamecock Players Be Offended By Aggie Fan Arrogance?


Texas high school football has been romanticized by numerous films. There is no doubt that the Texas high school football scene is important to the people of the Lone Star State. But has the romanticized version of their football gone to the Aggie fans heads, and given them a distorted view of how much of a recruiting advantage Texas college football teams have over others in the southeast? In advance of the Gamecocks opening game against A&M, I am postulating that the answer is yes.

Below, I am pasting up a typical comment made by Texas A&M fans posting South Carolina message boards:

Texas Football 4

Aggie fans argue that Texas football is bigger than life and that the players coming out of the preps there are better than other players because of their experience playing in Texas. Texas is a bigger state than South Carolina so there are more players in sheer numbers. But is the quality of player better per capita? The answer is no.

I did a very simple analysis of the number of NFL players by State. Here is my table. And a bar graph illustrating the findings.



The data suggest that a football player in the South Carolina prep system has a better chance to make the NFL than one in the Texas system. I imagine this will be very surprising to Aggie visitors. I doubt they will believe the data.

In any case, the disrespect for South Carolina high school football should give the crowd another reason to hate the Aggies, and the South Carolina players another thing to prove.


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