#MIZvsSC Pre-Game Analysis


Ced Cooper

The Gamecocks are favored by six over the Missouri Tigers this Saturday night. #CollegeGameday is on the Horseshoe and the atmosphere should be great in Columbia.

I figure the South Carolina crowd is worth about four points. So that means that the gambling boys think these two football teams are very evenly matched. That is accurate as far as I can tell from the early games this season.

Both defenses have been inconsistent or porous. I put the Gamecocks into the porous category with a caveat. They have had the misfortune of playing some of the best offenses in college football so the statistics could be skewed.

The game has the makings of a shootout. Both secondaries look suspect, and Missouri gave up over 200 yards rushing to Indiana last week. The team that can force more than three punts plus two turnovers will win this game.

Can #MIZ D stop #Gamecocks O?

Missouri has an good pass rush. Primarily because of two excellent, fast and quick defensive ends, the Missouri defense has accumulated 14 sacks. Sacks are important because the touts say that the Missouri defensive backfield is vulnerable if the opposing quarterback is given time to pass.

The Gamecocks proved against Georgia that the OL can block when opponents rush just four. On the other hand, A&M got pressure on @DT_ONE_SEVEN (Dylan Thompson) in game one. The Missouri defensive ends and pass rushers could easily be more of a handful for the line than the Aggies. The OL giving Thompson time to pass will be key for the Gamecocks offensive output.

Can the #Gamecocks D Stop the #MIZ O?

Indiana proved that containing @MIZ_MAUK7_ZOU (Maty Mauk) in the pocket and limiting scramble plays is helpful. Still Missouri racked up 500 yards offense against Indiana so that may not be the be all end all.

Some commentators speculate that Mauk cannot see over his linemen to make reads and seems to lock in on receivers when he is contained.

The Gamecocks, who have only 5 sacks all season, have depth along the DL and have been more successful in pressure in the past few games. BOB Cedrick Cooper, pictured above, pressured Vandy’s quarterback into making an ill-conceived flat pass that @Bwill_four (Brison Williams) picked at the end of the first half–a huge play in the game.


Maybe I’m too optimistic considering the lack of evidence to support this, but I think the Gamecock defense is going to force some punts and generate some turnovers in this game. I am figuring on 5 stops in this fashion. That should be enough.

The Gamecock OL is giving up only 1.25 sacks per game. Missouri has averaged 3.5.  I think the sacks total will be two or fewer and the Gamecock O will put up some points. Hopefully more than Missouri. I don’t know if we cover this one. I would lean against.


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