Rebutting Dabo’s Rant Year after Year


On November 26, 2011, the South Carolina Gamecocks defeated Clemson 34-13. On December 1, 2011, Clemson Head Coach Dabo Sweeney unleashed a bitter, blistering rant against Steve Spurrier, the Gamecock football program, and the University of South Carolina. Clemson fans love Dabo’s Rant. The video of it I embedded below is found at the YouTube channel of, the primary fan site for Clemson.

Dabo’s remarks are partially true. But they are also so harsh that it is important for all Gamecocks to carefully consider them annually at this time of year.  This is #hateweek in South Carolina.

The fact remains that Clemson enjoys a commanding record of 65-42-4 against the Gamecocks. The Gamecock football team needs many more victories before the Carolina-Clemson game will even qualify as a rivalry to them. As Dabo said, to them it is not so much of a rivalry. It’s “more of a domination.”

An interesting twist to this years game is that another win would be the sixth in a row for the Gamecocks. Dabo’s Rant in 2010 predicted that the Gamecocks would not win three games in a row again for “fifty more years.” Thus, a 2014 win would be another small step in rebutting it.

Every year Clemson fans come up with phony controversies to motivate the Tiger team. This year they have countdown clocks, place-kicker tweets, and fake Spurrier comments to gin up their artificial rage.

We Gamecocks have Dabo’s Rant, the gift that keeps giving.

dabos rant jpg


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