We Are Carolina


Invasion of UNC Body Snatchers

In the 1956 science fiction movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dr. Miles Bennell discovered that outer space seed pods were impersonating the bodies of his friends. The pod people were indistinguishable from the authentic people but they were actually identity thieves.

A few years back the Tar Heels began referring to themselves as Carolina as if there were the true Carolina. But the Tar Heels are not the true Carolina. They are outer space seed pods.

On September 3, the survival of the human race is at stake. The Gamecocks must once again defeat the ersatz Carolina on the gridiron. In conjunction with this effort, we hereby advance the historical argument. It proves that when using the term “Carolina” to refer to a sports team, you are naturally referring to the original Carolina. Us. We are Carolina.

As you can see from the map above, Carolina originally encompassed the area of both State territories. The first two settlements attempted in the northern region of Carolina struggled. They were located near the appropriately named Rogues Harbor (near Albemare Sound near the border of North Carolina and Virginia) and around the Cape Fear River (near Wilmington). However, in 1670, the Lord Proprietors, who claimed ownership of the whole area, found the best place to settle. It was around the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. They called this superior Carolina settlement, Charles Town.

The Charles Town settlement quickly developed more rapidly than the northern settlements. Charles Town had the advantages of a natural harbor and easy access to trade with the West Indies. Charles Town was the principal seat of government for the entire province.

Unlike the silly northern settlements, Charles Town was one of the most delightful of cities, even in the earlier times. Governor Archdale said the southern society of Charles Town resembled the cavalier society in England. “Hospitality, refinement, and literary culture distinguished the higher class of gentlemen.” Charles Town was a site of parties and culture. The maps of the day referred to the people in the north as “savages.”

The southern area of Carolina was the seat of government for the territory. Beginning in the early 1690s, there were several governors common to Carolina. These men were all located in Charles Town. Where else would they live? The northern area had some poor people designated as the the governors of the north. They were called Deputy Governors.

Following a war with the Yamassee Tribe (the Indian War of 1715), the Proprietors over-taxed the Carolina people. The southern settlers were more assertive about their rights than the poor northerners, who just accepted higher taxes. The independent southern people petitioned to the King about that unjust treatment of the Proprietors. Their Petition, thoughtfully, persuasively, and artfully crafted, was granted by the King. The Proprietors’ Charter in the south was forfeit on the grounds that the they were unable to govern the southern colony. Thus, in 1719, South Carolina became a Royal Colony.

The Proprietors control of northern area continued. Eventually, all but one of the Lord Proprietors sold their interest to the British Crown. On July 25, 1729, North Carolina also finally became a Royal Colony. What does this prove? It proves South Carolina was the original Carolina by ten years! Obviously, the more learned and knowledgeable ESPN announcers call the South Carolina Gamecocks “Carolina.” This is correct because it is an indisputable historical fact that we were first. We are Carolina.


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