Obligatory Pre-season Uniform Thread


Some fans don’t like to talk about uniforms. They think it stupid because it really has little to do with how a team performs on the football field. To them uniform threads are ridiculous. But I like it. So do a few others. But the folks who disdain uniform threads like to interject telling the rest that the subject matter is “stupid” or “irrelevant.”

There you have it. Two warring camps.

When I was taking my Survival, Evasion, Escape, Resistance (SEAR) survival course in the U.S. Navy, I found out about divisions and factions. After surviving for three days in the California high desert eating just tubers and prickly pear cactus fruit, our group of military men split into two groups. One group, hated to hear anyone talk about food. The other group, the one I was in, loved to talk about food. We spent hours and hours talking about food . . . every little detail. We dreamed about food. We relished talking about it. It was fun.

I think uniform threads are cool because we can talk about how the uniforms contribute to a team’s brand. Branding is a necessary evil in this modern world of social media. Even if some of the old-school throwbacks resist the idea of uniform threads, it’s an undeniable fact that uniforms and their design make up a key element of Gamecock branding, right down to the font. You can either get on board and love it, or just move to the other side of the camp and put your hands over your ears.

Now to meander toward the point, some college football teams are Nike teams. Some are Adidas. South Carolina is an Under Armour (UA) team. Click Clack. University of South Carolina Partners with Under Armour to Outfit Football Program

Without regard to how they effect performance, elements of South Carolina’s UA uniforms are just cool. One, Steve Spurrier had a say in the design and that makes them great. Two, there are elements of our tradition built into the uniforms. For example since 2013, “the … number of stripes in the jersey, pant and helmet total[] 11, the same number of buildings on ‘The Horseshoe,’ the most famous part of the South Carolina campus and a national historic landmark.” South Carolina Unveils New Under Armour Uniforms for 2013

The Horseshoe is the site of the 1902 brawl. About 80 South Carolina College students defended the horseshoe when large angry mob of 250 Clemson Cadets unsuccessfully attempted to destroy it after SC fans waved a fighting Gamecock at them in the Elks Day Parade. The Cadets were in a bad mood following a 12-6 Gamecock victory. The Gamecock transparency made them become unglued, and the Gamecock name was born right there. “We must protect this house!” But I digress.

This pSpeedForm Cleats Tweetost is directed at more than just branding, pretty striping, and symbolism. It is aimed at getting answers about the functionality and performance of what UA brings to the Gamecock table in terms of the cleats for our football players. The Gamecocks football deal with Under Armour promises a “[r]elationship [that] will provide Gamecocks with the most technologically advanced gear available.” (See link above.)

The most important part of that technology involves football cleats. In particular, the football cleats that the South Carolina Gamecocks will wear in 2015.

How good are the UA Speedform cleats? I’m no equipment man so I have no idea. I can see that they are not UA’s highest priced football cleat that’s for sure. See UA Link. Maybe these are special garnet Speedform cleats more like the higher-priced, UA soccer cleats.

I’m just throwing this uniform thread up for discussion.

I want to know if these cleats can help the 2015 Gamecocks perform at an exceptionally high level.

I want to know if the different position groups will all wear Speedform cleats, or if the Gamecock linemen wear another UA style like Under Armour Fierce Havoc D. That’s the UA cleat worn by Logan Mankins and Ray Lewis. The Most Popular Cleats in the NFL And Why

What in the heck is “Micro G cushioning technology” anyway?

Does the team change cleats when it plays on artificial surfaces?

Are the Gamecocks cleats detachable or molded?

What are the NCAA rules on cleat length?

I have a million questions about cleats now. I have questions because cleats are functional and are may be the most important part of the Gamecocks football uniform assembly.

The Gamecocks will look cool. That is a given.

But will the new UA cleats enhance the 2015 team’s performance.


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