What if the Gamecocks Go HUNH Offense?


Since the 2010 season, Gamecock fans have seen occasional glimpses of the hurry up no huddle (HUNH) offense. Spurrier is not averse to running up tempo when advantageous situations emerge. He particularly likes to run the no huddle from the Wildcat formation.

In his press conference yesterday, Spurrier hinted that his offense might be working on more HUNH concepts.

We gotta play faster. . . . We’re not a fast team right now. We gotta get a lot faster to play offense around here.

Spurrier Interview 8/17/15 Spurrier’s comments got me to thinking. What if the Gamecocks went with a HUNH concept in the first game? Would it give them an advantage against an up-tempo team like the North Carolina Tarheels?

North Carolina was ranked 6th nationally last year in terms of the speed it executed offensive plays. It snaps the ball every 18.8 seconds. Baylor has college football’s fastest offense, but where does your team rank?

But the North Carolina defense arguably suffered from the fast pace of its own offense. It was tired. (2014 Tarheels ranked 117th in Total Defense.)

If South Carolina executed a HUNH style offense of its own, what would happen to the North Carolina defense? One of the best advantages of the HUNH Offense is that it wears out the opposing defense, creating fatigue. Wouldn’t use of the HUNH Offense by South Carolina against the Tarheels create an advantage due to the Gamecocks defensive depth?

After pre-season practice on August 17, South Carolina’s co-defensive coordinator Whammy Ward said this:

North Carolina is one of the fastest teams in the country. We have to develop an advantage in depth. . . .  We are starting to develop depth, especially up front

We have to create an advantage in depth.” I heard that.

UGA Graduate Josh Kendall, the Gamecocks Beat Reporter for The State, picked up on Spurrier’s hints and asked him today to disclose if his game plan against North Carolina might include HUNH concepts? Spurrier Interview 8/18/15. Spurrier denied it.

It’s an interesting idea though.


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