Is this How @CoachFedora Rolls?



Late in the Gamecocks 2013 football game against the Tarheels, @coachfedora inserted backup offensive lineman Kiaro Holts into the game. The announcers questioned the move because the starter did not seem to be injured. Soon afterwards, Holts executed a brutal cheap shot at @ClowneJD ‘s knee. Only Clowney’s other-worldly athleticism saved him from a season-ending (possibly career-ending) injury.

The cheap shot by Holts attracted media scrutiny about needed discipline. After the game Fedora stated:

We talked to him. He got a personal foul. He clipped, but it was within the play, it was not after the play. We disciplined him just like we do all our players who get a personal foul and hurt the football team. If you really look at it, Kiaro got beat, he got beat bad. He’s trying to recover and trying to cut the player. I don’t think he cared who it was, but he was trying to keep that guy away from Bryn (Renner). He doesn’t know that the ball is already thrown; he doesn’t know that the guy is already turning to look down the field. He’s just trying to recover. There was no malicious intent. All the conspiracy theories that are out there, there was no truth to any of that. The kid was just trying to make a play, and he made a poor choice. So, yeah, he was disciplined within the team like we always do with personal fouls.”

To his credit, UNC blogger @BryantDouglass condemned the play and wondered why Fedora did not take stronger action and suspend Holts.

Me, I wonder about Fedora’s unsolicited “conspiracy theories” remark That part of his comment makes me suspicious. Why did Fedora make the late substitution of his starter anyway? Has that question ever been answered?


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