Were Clemson’s Hydraulic Collapsible Goal Posts a Factor in Mike Williams’ Broken Neck?


Before the 2004 football season, Clemson installed collapsible posts. Clemson Proceeding with Collapsible Goal Posts. The purpose was to prevent fan and staff injuries that occur when riotous fans tear down goal posts after football games. Collapsible or indestructible posts gain momentum as schools seek to reduce injury risks. Clemson’s collapsible posts have a square metal box that protects the hydraulic cylinder used to actuate the mechanism. Protective goal posts come into play at Clemson, W. Virginia The posts have padding, but the metal box is a lot bigger as compared to normal four-inch aluminum posts, and the padding may be thinner.

Last Saturday, NFL prospect Mike Williams suffered a small neck fracture crashing into one of the posts. Coach Dabo Swinney says that Williams will play football again. Thankfully, the injury was not as severe as it appeared.

One has to wonder if player safety should be factored into the equation before installing indestructible goal posts on a football field.


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