The Enemy, @JoshatTheState, says #Gamecocks lack Players to compete in the #SEC


A gleeful Josh Kendall, who is a Georgia graduate and the Gamecocks beat reporter for The State newspaper, appeared on the nationally syndicated Paul Finebaum show yesterday to lambaste the South Carolina fans and criticize the #Gamecocks players.

First, Kendall boldly asserted that the Gamecocks lack the players to compete in the SEC East. Take a listen.

Next, he calls out the Gamecocks fans as feckless or disloyal in the nationally broadcast show. Listen to the glee in the Georgia graduate’s voice as he giggles at the outset of this clip:

It was not that long ago that Coach Steve Spurrier warned Gamecocks fans that the enemies would begin to attack us. He told us not to believe the enemies.

This is one Gamecock fan that doesn’t believe a damned word that comes out of the thin-lipped, giggling mouth of the UGA homer, Josh Kendall.

Prove the enemies wrong #Gamecocks.


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