President Harris Pastides Sends Good Messages to Naturalists and Students


The first two came in the fourth paragraph of his October 9 letter to the Carolina Family.

And I’m sure you won’t mind if we use more compostable and recyclable paper goods in the coming days to cut down on the water usage required to wash dishes. Faculty and staff, may I suggest that you brown bag your lunch for a week or so-or perhaps visit one of the many restaurants and diners around campus that are open and serving food. It’s not a requirement, but it would help us out.

Recycling our waste is critical to our health. The first thing needed is material that will break down in compost. It might be with traditional mixtures of carbons, greens, and oxygen, or it could be with our friends the fungi, or vermiculture. Paper products can effectively be used in all three natural composting systems.

I would say we could we ask Clemson agricultural experts for their opinions on a composting system for the food service partner. There is a lot of great farms around the outskirts of Columbia, and composting is part of natural, organic food production. Healthy sustainable natural Farms that should food to the University’s partner Sodexo.

Is the Clemson University Agriculture’s voice a reflection of a dying chem-ag industry? Are they a free voice for sustainable practices. Are there any sustainable ag voices who can help President Pastides and Sodexo to figure a productive way of composting.

I clearly don’t know the answers. Maybe Clemson will offer guidance about a natural way to protect the Columbia environment and nearby sustainable farms.

The University’s President’s second message was to the Carolina students and their parents. Please support local restaurants and diners (diners?). Both?

Maybe the President’s phrasing here is redundant, but he means well. It is a nice gesture, or it is his solicitation for you to make a nice gesture.

Supporting local Midlands businesses is even more important now than it was before the flood.The Carolina family should come together.


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