The Gamecocks Brutal 2015 Schedule


The South Carolina Gamecocks have played a brutal 2015 schedule.This post compares the Gamecocks schedule with the schedule of undefeated Clempson. The data speaks for itself:


All but Missouri are higher-ranked teams than any road team Clempson played. More importantly, all of the Gamecocks’ opponents play in SEC stadiums. The size of the SEC crowds average 96 percent larger than those in the ACC stadiums just in sheer numbers.

This is my subjective opinion. But the throatiness factor of the passionate SEC crowds means that the noise levels of the Gamecocks’ weakest road venue are way more than just two times as loud as any stadium in which Clempson played.

Let’s look at that Clempson 2015 schedule. There is one road game on Clemson’s schedule that might be loud and boisterous. It will depend on the score. If hypothetically, the Gamecocks keep the game close or achieve a lead against Clempson, the noise level will be more than many of the Clempson players will have ever experienced. Could crowd noise be a huge factor in the upset?

Clemp schedule


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