Monitoring Noise About the Gamecocks 2016 Offensive Line


ESPN spoke with an anonymous coach who didn’t sound too excited about the Gamecocks’ offensive line: “There are a lot of third-year sophomores, fourth-year juniors that just aren’t SEC players.”

College football magazines: What are they saying about South Carolina?

Basically, the anonymous coach just said four out of the five projected Gamecock OL starters are not SEC caliber players. Quotes like that can be disheartening to fans.

They also can be motivating to players. It is hard to read much into off-season player quotes. Every year you hear the same stuff from players and coaches. Some years the Gamecocks hit the field in fabulous condition. Other years, not so much. But it is interesting in any case and can fuel a fan’s hope. I expect the negativity about the #Gamecocks to get worse with the advent of #SECMD16 this week. But maybe, just maybe, the players are reacting to the negativity and turning it into a positive.

Cory Helms and Alan Knott are two of the fourth-year juniors that “just aren’t SEC players.” They are grinding.



Senior leader Mason Zandi is singing the same song.


Keep following. There will be more information about the 2016 Gamecocks offensive line coming.


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