@CoachWMuschamp on #Gamecocks 2016 Offensive Line at #SECMD16


On July 9, I posted MONITORING NOISE ABOUT THE GAMECOCKS 2016 OFFENSIVE LINE. The post quoted ESPN’s very negative statement about the Gamecocks 2016 offensive line. Citing an anonymous source, the ESPN writer asserted that the Gamecocks roster of O-linemen is made up of, “a lot of third-year sophomores, fourth-year juniors that just aren’t SEC players.”

At The SEC Media Days, Coach Muschamp was more optimistic about his projected 2016 offensive line starters, @MasonZandi, @ZackaryDBailey, @poppa_A, @CoryHelms7251, and @djpark2013.

I really feel good about our offensive line situation. We have 34 starts back and some talented guys. Shawn Elliott has done a nice job recruiting that position and developing those guys there.

@CoachWMuschamp #SECMD16

Coach Muschamp was like a voice of one crying out in the wilderness.

The SEC media voted and said that the Gamecocks would finish last in the SEC East.

I bet you that come September 1, the Gamecocks 2016 offensive line will shock the media and its anonymous sources, and even better, the Commodores defensive front 7.


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