Analyzing #Gamecocks 2016 Experience on the Offensive Line


At #SECMD16 Coach Muschamp told the media that the 2016 Gamecock offense has a limited number of experienced leaders on the offensive side of the ball.

A lot of unknowns on our roster right now. You look on offense, you have 42 scholarship players. 34 of them are freshmen and sophomores. Very little playing experience. But within those unknowns, I do feel we have some talented players. I really do. I have been in this league for a long time, and I think there’s some very talented guys in that.

@CoachWMuschamp #SECMD16

I believe that the one position group where a football team benefits the most from having experienced upper class players is the offensive line.

The Gamecocks have four experienced returning offensive linemen. Those players are highlighted in grey. (The skill players are highlighted in green.)

In addition, the Gamecocks signed Georgia Military College offensive tackle Akeem Cooperwood (@WhoisBub), who is expected to enroll at Carolina on August 1.


Cooperwood (6-7, 325) is a rather large human being. He was a first-team junior college All-American as a sophomore at Georgia Military. If Cooperwood reports to camp conditioned and in shape, he will provide instant depth and experience at the offensive tackle position.

Muschamp said at SEC Media Days there are few experienced offensive players on scholarship. But the table shows that the Gamecocks do have experience returning on the offensive line. Good blocking and execution will give young skill position players an opportunity to shine.

Despite his quote downplaying the 2016 offense as young and inexperienced, I see Muschamp grinning over his smoldering cauldron–stirring, stirring, stirring. He knows he has a pot of young talent mixed with experience that may shock the #SEC.



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