Missouri Tout @aAstleford Predicts #Gamecocks to Open Season 0-6


When a media tout like Andrew Astleford makes a negative prediction for the 2016 Gamecocks it just makes the Gamecocks stronger. Astleford’s post 10 bold predictions for SEC East in 2016 for Saturday Down South is one of the worst predictions we have seen.

South Carolina will start 0-6 under Will Muschamp.

Astleford, a Missouri graduate, has much higher expectations for his Missouri Tigers. Citing JUCO transfers and the new coaching staff, he expects significant improvement by the Missouri offense. But for the 2016 Gamecocks, he adds to the drum beat of dire media predictions.

New Head Gamecock Strength and Conditioning Coach @Jeff_Dillman taught the Gamecock players that when touts spew negativity, it is positive. Turning negatives into positives is as simple as throwing a truck of rocks into the Gamecocks players’ bags.

truck of rocks

Judging by the winds of talking season, the Gamecocks players are carrying around some pretty rocky bags.


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