The #Gamecocks Starting 5 Offensive Line Players Average 317.4 pounds, 6’5.5″ tall


Veteran @poppa_A is on the sideline with a hand and wrist injury. Next man up is @bigDonell. Donell Stanley weighs 50 pounds more than Alan Knott.

Current Starting OL

The Vanderbilt Commodores are returning an experienced defensive front line (pictured above). The five players above return with multiple starts last year.

Vanderbilt’s starting four defensive linemen are Butler Adams, Jay Woods, Nifae Lealao, and Jonathan Wynn, whose combined weight averages a very respectable 288 pounds. That is still nearly thirty pounds less than the Gamecocks current starting five including Stanley.

On September 1 in Nashville, there will be a war along the line of scrimmage. Assuming mistake free football, SEC football games are won and lost by teams that control the line of scrimmage. In honor of the Gamecocks preseason fall camp offensive line , I am publishing this pre-season Gamecocks poem. Enjoy.



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