DL Coach @Coach_LThompson Praises #Gamecocks OL: “a really good SEC Offensive Line.”


The offensive line is probably the most important (if unheralded) position group on any team. The OL allows a team to control the clock. It gives your defense rest. It helps put points on the board. A good offensive line imposes its will on a defense. It takes away the energy of opposing crowds. The offensive line is the heart and soul of your football team. It is the first and foremost reason why I remain optimistic about 2016 despite the drumbeat of negativity from national and regional touts about how much the Gamecocks suck.

It could be disheartening to hear such an important position group disrespected by touts. Like we heard this summer when they published this crap.

ESPN spoke with an anonymous coach who didn’t sound too excited about the Gamecocks’ offensive line: “There are a lot of third-year sophomores, fourth-year juniors that just aren’t SEC players.”

College football magazines: What are they saying about South Carolina?

On the other hand, it is invigorating and inspiring to hear a contrary opinion, even if it’s a biased one from a Gamecocks assistant coach.


This is a real deal offensive line. These guys are good. @DJPark2013, @bigdonell72, @MasonZandi. These guys are real deals. Their big. Their physical. Their good kids. Their hard-nosed. @poppa_A. All those guys. And you know what? To me that’s the best thing about our situation right now. To me, we’re [the defensive line] competing against a really good SEC offensive line. So, I tell our guys, if we can compete against these guys and we can perform at a high level consistently against these guys, we’re going to be ok when we get to Saturdays. So that part has really been beneficial. @ShawnElliottUSC‘s been great. We’ve had a lot of drills against each other. That does nothing but make our guys better.

Lance Thompson has coached as an assistant football coach on SEC defenses for 11 years over a span of two decades. He coached on premier SEC defenses like those at Auburn, Alabama, LSU, and Tennessee.  With all due respect to ESPN and its anonymous coach sources, it seems like Thompson might have a sound basis upon which to base an opinion about whether an offensive line stinks or not. Not.


One thought on “DL Coach @Coach_LThompson Praises #Gamecocks OL: “a really good SEC Offensive Line.”

  1. Michael Swindell

    Excellent article. The news media has been negative since Spurrier quit. This team is the same team that has had top 25 recruiting classes for the last 5 years. If 4 stars work for Bama, they should work for South Carolina. We shall see how the energy of a new staff
    is reflected on the football field this season.


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