Why @Jeff_Dillman’s Strength and Conditioning Program will make the #Gamecocks better in 2016


Yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH! Hey, baby, let’s GO! Waaawwnk, waaawwnk.  Wakey, wakey. Eggs and bakey. Get your mind RIGHT!

I’ve been arguing with @SaturdayJC, one of the touts that picked the #Gamecocks to finish last in the SEC, on the twitters. I cited @Coach_LThompson ‘s comments about the offensive line. But the tout, an ACC homer, just called Lance Thompson a spin artist and said his testimony is worthless.

The tout wanted more evidence about why the 2016 Gamecocks are better than he thinks. I cite @Jeff_Dillman.

No fat. Relaxed muscle. Get it right. Get it TIGHT! No jiggle. No wiggle. Get it right. TURN UP!

Dillman QuoteDillman is high energy. He educates. It’s not just about conditioning. But also about nutrition and sleep.  Dillman is all about building relationships and trust with the Gamecocks. Real truth about the real world.

Dillman doesn’t just bring high energy and wisdom. He has technology–the latest in high-performance athlete analytics. The Gamecocks like several other SEC teams did last year, now use the Catapult GPS monitoring system to manage and measure athlete performance. The playing field is now balanced.

In 2012, Craig Fitzgerald left the CatapultGamecocks to take the S&C job at Penn State. Spurrier elevated Joe Connolly, who had no experience. It was a lazy hire and the Gamecocks football conditioning deteriorated ever since. We all remember announcers ragging on Clowney and commenting about how tired and out of shape he looked during the 2013 season.

With all due respect to Connolly (who took the S&C job at UMass) Jeff Dillman is a proven strength and conditioning coach. He has been on conditioning staffs for two national championship football programs (LSU in 2003 and Alabama 2016). He was S&C Director at App State in 2006-07 when the Mountaineers won two straight Division 1-AA national championships. He led the Florida Gators S&C program 2011-2013 and was loved by the Gators. He brings gravitas.

You will see a much more conditioned and fit team when the Gamecocks take the field on September 1. It’s just another reason why the touts are wrong for sleeping on the 2016 Gamecocks. Take the points.

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Dillman brings consistent energy, positive attitude

Winning the Offseason is Key to Future Success



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