Improved coaching on D will make the 2016 #Gamecocks better than the big-time touts think. @B_Quatro4



Failure to adequately develop defensive football players was a primary factor for why the Gamecocks posted a 3-9 record in 2015. That issue is fixed. @CoachWMuschamp has a dynamic defensive coaching staff. Listen to the comments by linebacker Brison Allen-Williams.

I spend a lot of time around @CoachMPeterson. You know, just talkin’ the game. Him and @Coach_LThompson. Both helped me out a lot as far as developing my pads and rushing moves. You know I kinda feel like my earlier years I just tried to go off what I learned in high school. But Coach Peterson and Coach Thompson are really helping me develop my game in terms of pass rush.

BAW is not the first Gamecocks defensive player to cite improved coaching. Just the latest. Gamecocks players are learning the fundamentals that will allow them to compete and showcase talent. A lot of the big-time touts , like @MrCFB, were fooled.

Keep sleeping on the Gamecocks.


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