Establishing the Running Game against @ECUPiratesFB Priority 1 for the #Gamecocks


The best defense here is a good offense. The Gamecocks OL needs to smash the Pirate defensive front. Keep that fancy Pirate offense on the sideline.


The Pirates use a 3-4 defensive front. Three defensive linemen. There is a substantial size advantage to the Gamecocks up front.

The Gamecock OL outweighs the Pirate DL starters by about twenty pounds. It outweighs the Pirate linebackers by about 80 pounds. I mean that’s 80 pounds per man.


After opening the season against two tough SEC defenses on the road, the Gamecocks offense has rushed for only 155 yards total. That’s 155 yards all season. The rushing game ranks 124th out of 128 FBS schools. NCAA Stats

The OL figured to be the best feature of the 2016 Gamecocks. The OL needs to pick it up. That big OL needs to come out against the Pirates defense and dominate them.



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