Kentucky Beat Writer @markcstory Picks Kentucky to Beat South Carolina Suggests the Gamecocks really suck


Story, the Lexington Herald-Leader sports writer, takes his shots at the Gamecocks in his Kentucky game by game predictions.


I like the part where the Story suggests Coach Muschamp will fail to rebuild the South Carolina program. Story wrote a follow-up in today’s paper where he takes further shots at the Gamecocks:

In the preseason, many believed Muschamp, the former Florida head coach, would be bringing an 0-3 team to Lexington.


If Stoops in his fourth season at UK were to lose to Will Muschamp in the latter’s first year at South Carolina, it would send a dispiriting message about the state of the Kentucky football program.

Is this the make-or-break week for Mark Stoops?

It is obvious that Story does not believe the Gamecocks can play SEC football. He thinks they really suck.

Just for the sake of entertainment, I thought I would look up the other preseason predictions for the 2016 #SCvsUK football game. Yep, it was unanimous. The touts all picked Kentucky. I guess we will see if the touts were as right or whether they are wrong like when they all picked Vanderbilt and ECU to beat the Gamecocks.

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College Football News




Campus Insiders




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