Knoxville newsman @johnadamskns dumps on @CoachWMuschamp, #Gamecocks but used “doubly” in a sentence!


Knoxville News Sentinel journalist John Adams writes a mean piece called, South Carolina returning to football roots . By returning to “roots” Adams means that the Gamecocks football team sucks and never will be better than sucky. Adams doesn’t even credit Muschamp’s recruiting ability, minimizing it with this:

His track record tells us he’s a better recruiter than head coach. But his recruiting at Florida left the Gators with basically half a team – good for the defense, not so good for the offense.

And then he takes his obligatory shot at the future prospects of Coach Muschamp and the Gamecocks with this:

The Gamecocks haven’t been that bad historically. But they haven’t been nearly as good as Spurrier made them.

A great coach can make that kind of difference anywhere. You have seen it with Kansas State coach Bill Snyder, who took over one of the worst programs in college football and made it relevant.

Getting that great coach is the catch.

Muschamp hardly qualifies based on his one head-coaching stint. With far greater resources and more traditional success at Florida, he lasted four years.

Blah, blah, blah. I mean, come on man! Can’t you find something less trite and tired about which to write.

One word in Adams’s piece was  impressive. Doubly!

Yay! See, Is Triply a Word for context. Thank you Mr. Adams.


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