#Gamecocks @L2L_ME Celebrates in @JungleBoi_Swagg Style


Sometimes a 15 yard celebration penalty can spark a team. One such moment was in 2012, when @JungleBoi_Swagg tossed the ball into the stands after a pick six against Arkansas. Tommy scolded Swearinger. But Todd shouted him down, “Who cares! Who cares!.”

In a 2007 win over Florida, Mark Richt’s Georgia Bulldog team drew a celebration penalty. Richt used the celebration as motivation. Coach Richt said, “I told them if they didn’t get a penalty for celebrating after the first score I would be mad at them.”

The Ju Ju Beat celebration penalty by KC Crosby last night was worth it. It highlighted the Gamecocks upset win over pre-season SEC East darling Tennessee. It’s the kind of 4th quarter celebration that carries momentum over to the future. It’s a signature moment for the Gamecocks. Thank you K.C. Crosby.


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