Leave no doubt. @GamecocksFB is the most electric football environment in the world


The South Carolina #Gamecocks crowd last Saturday night proved once again that night home football games in Columbia, South Carolina, are the greatest. The atmosphere was out of sight.

My Gamecock brethren and sistren might object, but I think Clemson night games come in a close second. On October 1, I watched the impressive display of crowd electricity the Tigers demonstrated at their Louisville  game. The Clemson crowd was good, but it came up just a bit short compared to the Gamecocks crowd last Saturday night.

Why are the South Carolina and Clemson crowds so wild? The one element they both have in common is South Carolinians. Our heritage from the earliest days here is one of partying. When the 1600 and 1700s Lord Proprietors attempted to lure colonists to the new world, they did so for other colonies with arguments about starting a new life or of religious liberty. For the Carolinas, or Charles Towne to be more specific, the argument was about the society. It’s in our blood. It’s infectious. We have a genetic advantage over other places.

The Southeastern Conference affiliation tips the scale for the Gamecocks over Clemson. It gives our crowds a slight but decided edge. The ACC simply lacks a coherent cultural identity. Not so for the SEC. Playing conference opponents from the tradition-rich SEC is just better.

Agree or disagree, the crowd last Saturday night (October 26) for the Tennessee game was fantastic.


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