ACC Guy @SaturdayJC starting to eat preseason words about #Gamecocks


In his recent post, So right, so wrong: Revisiting Mississippi State, South Carolina predictions, John Crist, eats it.

You don’t need to click on his post. The quote below sums up anything of any importance that he wrote:

If USC wants to go bowling, it better beat 2-8 Western Carolina at home Saturday. Upsetting Clemson on the road in Week 13 isn’t going to happen. Still, Muschamp and Co. are a lot further long than I anticipated. Kudos to them.

This guy was so negative I wrote two pre-season, blog posts to rebut him:

There was a tiny bit of engagement from Crist. However, it was just to ridicule the Gamecock coaching staff and to make sarcastic responses. Here’s a sample:

All that remains is for the Gamecocks is to make ACC homer Crist eat his words about the 50-0 Clemson win he predicted. Ain’t gonna happen.


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