#Gamecocks Football Resurgence? @PatrickDye3 says, “yeah.”


Some good things come out of the Paul Finebaum podcast. Like on Monday, July 3, when Paul and Pat Dye were discussing the best four coaching jobs in the SEC, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and LSU. Dye argued that a State schools has an advantage over the other schools within the same State. He acknowledged that Auburn was disadvantaged in this regard.

Dye explained the rest of his formula for greatness; a State with plenty of good high school football players and a people that love football. I instantly put mental check marks next to South Carolina on both counts. As if reading my mind, Dye brought up South Carolina. He continued:

I’ll be shocked if [ @CoachWMuschamp ] don’t get the thing turned around in South Carolina.

Listen to the rest of Dye’s remarks on this clip.

Here is a legendary SEC coach recognizing that the South Carolina Gamecocks could be in the same level as Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and LSU. The parting shot at Clemson was sweet as well . . . .

Ah . . . oh . . . youknow … it won’t be a gravy train like it has been for Clemson that past three or four years.




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