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#Gamecocks “When are you going to get over the SEC?” @Finebaum roasts typical, insecure @ClemsonFB fan


When are you going to get over the SEC?

The fans of the Upstate school are completely fixated on our participation in the SEC. They regularly psychoanalyze us. They suggest that we pull for SEC teams because our only hope of winning is to live vicariously through schools like Alabama or Georgia. This is a false narrative. But Clemson fans repeat it so often among themselves they believe it in the core of their being.

Listen to this insecure Clemson fan ask Finebaum a question that Clemson fans have asked me and my fellow Gamecocks probably 10,000 times:

When are you going to get over the SEC?

Clemson fans will never get the SEC. They will never understand why when we play non-conference teams we chant, “SEC SEC SEC.” The reason they cannot get it is because they cannot face the truth. Its simple psychology–confirmation and non-confirmation bias. They cannot admit that Clemson will always be looking up to South Carolina in terms of its conference affiliation.

The SEC is a cultural phenomenon. SEC fans are linked together by a passion that goes deep. It’s history. It’s culture. It spans generations. And it goes beyond football. Its hard to explain. But its a thing. Like when the Florida fans sang I won’t back down this year to honor Gainesville native Tom Petty.


High school football players in the southeast get it. When a player chooses to go to an SEC school to play football, he knows he will play in sold out venues across the region. Venues full of passionate, rowdy football fans who love their schools top to bottom through and through. There will be message boards throughout the conference crowded with fans interacting on social media. A national network and televised football games with the highest ratings. You just won’t find that degree of passion in the ACC.

Ironically, Clemson is a perfect cultural fit for the SEC. They are a big land grant school in the heart of the southeast. Clemson has just as passionate of a fan-base as does South Carolina. They sell out most of their games. Their fans love the Tigers. They would blend right in with the rest of us in the SEC . . . if they could ever get in.

But they never will. The ACC buyout of $50 million is a daunting exit penalty. Plus, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida will veto their application.

But we Gamecocks are and we love it. Clemson fans cannot face that fact. The fact that just like the motto, the SEC just means more. Non-confirmation bias hits them square between the eyes. It leads to stupid questions like, “When are you going to get over the SEC?”

Kentucky journalist @BillyReedSays, #Gamecocks are the “SEC family’s embarrassing cousin”


“There ain’t no forgettin’.”

On October 9, 1999, Kentucky beat Lou Holtz’s first Gamecock football team by 21 points in Columbia. Soon after that blowout Kentucky victory, Kentucky beat writer Billy Reed, then a Herald-Leader sports columnist, crowed that the Gamecocks ought to be expelled from the SEC. Reed asserted the South Carolina football program was inept. Reed wrote: 

The Gamecocks have brought virtually nothing to the table in football. They are the SEC family’s embarrassing cousin.

After Reed’s remarks, @GamecockFB tore up Kentucky for ten straight years. But now Kentucky is on a three game football winning streak. @UKCoachStoops has built a football program. The task before the Gamecocks players this coming Saturday night will be formidable. But unless something is done about it, Kentucky football sports writers might start chirping again. It’s time to remember Billy Reed . . . and get loud.

Elderly @ClemsonLady Drives @JakeBentley19 Off Twitter


Trolled by the elderly.

Last May, projected starting South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley riled up Upstate fans with temeritous remarks intended to inspire @GamecocksFB teammates that the talent in Columbia was at least on par with that of Clemson.

In a flurry of reactionary tweets, an elderly @ClemsonLady responded effectively. Persistently attacking Bentley since May, the elderly fan, perhaps one of the intoxicated written about here recently, succeeded in driving Bentley from Twitter.

Chalk one of for the Clemson fans. Huzzah!