Elderly @ClemsonLady Drives @JakeBentley19 Off Twitter


Trolled by the elderly.

Last May, projected starting South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley riled up Upstate fans with temeritous remarks intended to inspire @GamecocksFB teammates that the talent in Columbia was at least on par with that of Clemson.

In a flurry of reactionary tweets, an elderly @ClemsonLady responded effectively. Persistently attacking Bentley since May, the elderly fan, perhaps one of the intoxicated written about here recently, succeeded in driving Bentley from Twitter.

Chalk one of for the Clemson fans. Huzzah!

#Gamecocks Projected 2017 OL Light, Athletic


When it was all said and done last year, the Gamecocks 2016 offensive line ranked last in the SEC in sacks allowed (41), tied for last in yards per attempt rushing (3.7), and second to last in rushing yards gained.

2017 is a new year and hope springs eternal. Everyone except one lineman (LT Mason Zandi) is back. A skeptic has room to worry. Will the same linemen dramatically improve their performance in 2017?

The noise suggests the answer is, yes. Alan Knott (@poppa_A) missed most of the 2016 preseason conditioning recovering from injuries, and @CoryHelms7251 was dogged during the season by a leg injury. Knott should be much stronger, and Helms less prone to whiffing blocks. According to the reports, the Gamecock linemen have all worked diligently in the weight room under @Jeff_Dillman’s S&C program. Things have to be better just because of the players extra year experience and conditioning in the weight room.

The big change on the line for 2017 is moving @MalikYoung77 from right tackle to left tackle and @ZackaryDBailey from guard to right tackle. Bailey is a talent and there are no worries with him. Young is described by @GamecocksFB OL Coach @FBCoachWolf as his most athletic offensive lineman. Both Bailey and Young are going to need athleticism against the NC State DEs. They are beasts.

@bigdonnel72 is replacing Zandi. However, Stanley won the starting guard slot for 2016 over Knott, but suffered a season-ending injury in the first game. He is back and healthy for 2017.

One thing of note. This projected O-line is light. The average weight is just north of 300 pounds, which may make them one of the lightest offensive lines in Power 5 football. Maybe the Gamecocks are not going to smash over people like the @FootballUGA or @AlabamaFtbl. But on the other hand, the Atlanta Falcons OL averages only around 304 pounds and that suits them fine with their strategy of threatening the edges of a defense.

Finally, in January, Eric Wolford replaced Shawn Elliott as the OL coach for the 2017. Wolford, a former head coach at Youngstown State, came to the Gamecocks after spending the last two years as an offensive line coach for the San Francisco 49ers. In February, Wolford said he intends to play the five best guys. That may indicate some shuffling could take place as players compete in fall pre-season practices.



Red-Beard @ericbeisel38 Sheds Light on Why @DrewLock23 Drank Our Water


It was a weird scene. A Gamecock fan tossed a bottle of water from the stands after a Missouri touchdown. Mizzou QB Drew Lock ran over and grabbed the bottle seeming to take a big swig.  I always wondered why. Now I know.

Red-bearded, loudmouth linebacker Eric Beisel (38) likes to fire up his team by talking about opponents coming to Missouri and drinking their water. Lock listened to one too many of Beisel’s pre-game speeches. He figured it would be the ultimate to take a big slug of Gamecock water after a touchdown. He wasn’t trying to be funny. Lock was disrespecting us. Too bad he didn’t back it up with a W.



Nigh Time for #Gamecocks Senior Defensive Lineman @Buzzsawww



Senior defensive lineman Dante Sawyer came to the Gamecocks in 2015 a high four star via the JUCO route at East Mississippi C.C. (Scooba, MS).

Yep. It’s that East Mississippi Lions program. The same school shown in the Netflix documentary about JUCO football, Last Chance U. Sawyer played for the Lion’s in 2014, the year before the first season of the documentary was filmed.

Sawyer is one of East Mississippi’s success stories, still followed and encouraged by @Brittany_MSgirl, the hard working athletic academic counselor and life coach featured in the documentary.

Just follow his Twitter feed and you can tell Sawyer is blessed with a happy-go-lucky, infectious personality. He’s a natural born leader. He’s the kind of guy who makes you smile. The kind of guy about whom you build a defensive line. Shocked @CoachWMuschamp didn’t carry Sawyer to Birmingham.

He didn’t escape SECMD17 unnoticed, Muschamp tagged Sawyer as a defensive team leader in his speech to the media/blogosphere at #SECMD17.

It starts up front in our league obviously. Taylor Stallworth, Ulric Jones, and Dante Sawyer are three seniors. For us to play well defensively, we need these guys to play well.

@CoachWMuschamp ‘s remarks, SEC Media Days 2017

Sawyer underwent a shoulder operation in the spring of 2016 and missed much of @Jeff_Dillman’s 2016 off season conditioning. Still, he had a decent 2016 season playing in all 13 games, 25 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, and 1 sack. After a full off season working out with Jeff Dillman’s crew, that’s just the beginning.

Nigh time for a @Buzzsawww breakout.

sawyer dante (2)

#Gamecocks @GamecockBasebll Pre-season Batting Lineup Preview


The Gamecocks lose quite a bit of production from last season. The team is projected to be strong because of its pitching staff, which is full of aces. There may be reason to be optimistic about the offense as well.

I posted last week about the exciting new leadoff man Danny Blair. There is no guarantee Blair wins the competition for one of the two open outfield spots. He has some competition from guys like @TJ_Hopkins, Brandon @Mc11wain, and freshman Carlos @losCortes_14.

Here’s my guess at what looks to be a first weekend starting lineup. The statistics are from the 2016 season. Quite a few of the players projected here have limited experience.

I’m guessing Cortes gets the start at second base. But he could get in the lineup at DH, 3B, or as an outfielder. Cortes is an intriguing prospect who is ambidextrous throwing. He throws left handed when playing the outfield but throws right-handed when playing the infield. Left handed throwing infielders face significant disadvantages from a defensive standpoint.

The defense is a question mark. The Gamecocks replace shortstop Marcus Mooney and centerfielder Gene Cone. There is an old baseball adage that great teams are strong up the middle.

The bench is limited by a scarcity of left handed power. Excluding pitchers, there is only one lefty pinch hitter available–Riley Hogan a freshmen switch hitter. That means if @cholbrook2 uses the lineup I projected, opposing coaches can put the Gamecocks at a disadvantage selectively using right handed relief pitchers.

Nevertheless, Chad Holbrook has a lot of flexibility. It will be interesting to watch him manage this toolbox.

ACC Guy @SaturdayJC starting to eat preseason words about #Gamecocks


In his recent post, So right, so wrong: Revisiting Mississippi State, South Carolina predictions, John Crist, eats it.

You don’t need to click on his post. The quote below sums up anything of any importance that he wrote:

If USC wants to go bowling, it better beat 2-8 Western Carolina at home Saturday. Upsetting Clemson on the road in Week 13 isn’t going to happen. Still, Muschamp and Co. are a lot further long than I anticipated. Kudos to them.

This guy was so negative I wrote two pre-season, blog posts to rebut him:

There was a tiny bit of engagement from Crist. However, it was just to ridicule the Gamecock coaching staff and to make sarcastic responses. Here’s a sample:

All that remains is for the Gamecocks is to make ACC homer Crist eat his words about the 50-0 Clemson win he predicted. Ain’t gonna happen.

#Gamecocks Head Coach @CoachWMuschamp emits Muschampisms


Muschampisms. They are like Spurrierisms only better. Last week’s press conference was great. We learned a new word, tripley. This week’s post game presser was even better!

First there was the snooker reference about @Lammons_1’s bad luck, “the rub of the green.” Muschamp next describes what to do to an opponent when you have a two-score lead, make them bleed. Finally, we get two a rat analogies.